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Teknik is an extremely functional luminaire based on a simple, precise premise. It is perfect for wide residential streets, urban and interurban highways, parking lots and avenues.

  • Available in LED versions and for discharge lamps, with anodized reflectors and extreme 15-position reflectors.
  • Body made from heavy-duty injected aluminium.
  • Opens at the touch of a button. No tools required.
  • Optional electrical disconnect switch to shut off the electrical current when the dome is opened.
  • Lampholder may be adjusted lengthwise along the lamp.
  • Mounted on a Ø60 tube, on both the top and side.
  • May be tilted 0º, 5º, 10º or 15º.
  • Color: grey RAL9007. 
  • Optional colors and finishes available on request.
ILTK2 Corp de Iluminat Teknik