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Nebraska is a state-of-the-art luminaire that includes the latest advances in LED technology, complemented by a simple, yet elegant ergonomic design. Perfect for installing on 4-12 m poles on both wide and narrow urban and residential streets, urban thoroughfares, bicycle paths, parking lots, parks, squares, avenues, highways and freeways.

  • Body and cover with aerodynamic shapes, made form injected aluminium. 
  • Hidden heat sink with Air-flow Design cooling system. Air inlets provide air circulation by means of side convection.
  • The driver compartment is separate from the LED board for better heat insulation between them.
  • Quick driver access at the press of a button on the cover (manual opening). No tools required. 
  • Mounted on a Ø60( 48, 64 LEDs ) and Ø60 or Ø48 ( 12,16/24,32 LEDs ) tube, on both the top and side.
  • May be tilted -5º, 0º, 5º or 10º.
  • Top part of the body finished in black RAL9011 and lower cover in grey RAL7040.



ILNE Corp de Iluminat Nebraska LED